Hail storms can be one of the most destructive forces Mother Nature throws at homeowners in Indianapolis. Hail damage caused by these storms can cause damage to homes and other buildings as well as vehicles, trees, plants, and power lines. The size of hail depends on the type of storm that creates it and can range from a quarter-sized pea to a golf ball or larger. In addition to physical damage caused by the hail itself, heavy rains that accompany strong thunderstorms further exacerbate water infiltration into your home’s exterior walls, windows, doors, and other openings. The cost of repairing hail damage is not insignificant and homeowners should be aware of what is covered by their insurance policies and also take steps to protect their property in the event of a storm producing large amounts of hail.

It is important for homeowners to know when seeking out reputable companies such as Indianapolis Roofing LLC for help with roof repair or replacement needs following a hail storm to ensure quality workmanship that will last for years. The last thing you want is subpar workmanship leading to problems down the road. Statistics show that Indianapolis sees an average of about 1 inch or more of snowfall each year along with an average of 7 days per year where temperatures dip below freezing. The Midwest region experiences thunderstorms up to 45 days each year – some driven by supercell tornadoes – which bring large levels of hail on occasion. When this happens many homeowners seek out Indianapolis Roofing LLC for assistance with roof repairs due to hail damage caused by these storms. It is important safe guard your home against the risk posed by hail during thunderstorms in Indianapolis with the right tools and knowledge; taking the time educate yourself about how to mitigate potential losses is almost always worth it in the end!

There are many excellent resources available online including FEMA’s website (www.fema.gov) that provide information about protecting your property from hail and other severe weather events, so take some time do some research now before damages occur!